Travel OR 
We Like it Here. You Might Too. Campaign

Travel Oregon's 2016 campaign used tongue in cheeky tone, speaking to Portland's culture and landscapes. The look of the campaign is intentionally casual about Oregon--a little bit unexpected and off the beaten path, like Oregon itself. I worked to create Travel Oregon assets to go along with the commercial spots of the Travel Oregon Campaign. I worked with creating assets by making photography selects, pairing them with a selection of headlines, and designing billboards for an OOH campaign that was placed in target market cities, Vancouver, Seattle, SF, Boise, and Portland. I also assisted in the creation of the website and printed other collateral.

Role: Designer
Client:Travel Oregon
Studio: Wieden+Kennedy

Facebook_Rental_082718_16x9 from Kim Jones on Vimeo.

Common Goods 3005_0928_1830_h264 from Kim Jones on Vimeo.